Soothes emotions eliminating aggravation, diminishing worry & fear.

Dispels negative energy.

 Aligns the physical body and the subconscious.

Aids general health.

Provides for a clear spirit.

Enhances communication regarding love.


Rose Quartz

Stimulates and attracts love.

Promotes peace and happiness and emits a calming energy.

Resonates self-love, gentle love.

Brings fidelity and peacefulness to existing relationships.

Promotes receptivity to art music and literature. 


Fire Quartz

It’s considered a “master healer.”

It’s said to amplify energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it.

It's also said to aid concentration and memory.


Magnetic Hematite

Considered to have healing properties because of its high iron content and is said to aid the kidneys, speed tissue regeneration, and contribute to overall well-being.

Known as the protective stone, it is associated with the root chakra and is known as the grounding stone.



Stone of Peace, calms fears, raises hopes, lifts spirits, and strengthens commitments.

It also helps overcome addictions, increases psychic awareness and good judgment.

One of the few stones prescribed for a man to attract a loving woman.


Jasper Leopard Skin

Assists in self-healing and spiritual discovery to further personal growth.

It is a powerful gemstone for stability, protection, and grounding as well. 



Emotional healing, relaxes the mind and the body.

Ameliorates inner turmoil and de-stresses.

Provides direction and a lightness of heart.

Promotes the ability to arrive at logical conclusions.



Combines the power of reasoning with observation and patience.

Promotes a desire for knowledge.

Encourages progress and triumph.

Drives ambition and facilitates awareness.

Used to eliminate pain and stress.



Enhances self-esteem, self-worth, self-respect and deepens the acceptance of our true self.

It helps us to heal old emotional wounds and to deal with challenging circumstances calmly and with inner strength.



A powerful stone in drawing illness from the body.

It is known as an all-around healing stone.

Stone of memory enhancement and mental capability.

Stimulates and original thinking.

Helps one to break free of self-imposed limitations. 



Perfect for meditation as it improves all levels of communication, most especially the spiritual level.

Of them meridian and chakras.

It is essential for people who are having trouble sleeping and frequently experience nightmares.


Aqua Obsidian

This is the protection stone for sensitive or psychic people.

It provides a great defense against negative psychic energy and also gives one a general sense of column and well-being.

Excellent stone for someone who has to speak in public, since it enhances communication. 


Blue Howlite

Ability to calm your own anger and to absorb anger directed at you.

Its soothing energy can also help reduce tension and anxiety and can help the mind before sleep or meditation.

Around bedtime, it can relieve insomnia caused by racing thoughts at bedtime.

Encourages patience.



It's a stone of compassion and an emotional balancer that clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past.

It nurtures love.

It heals emotional shock and panic. 


Honey Onyx

It's often used as a construction material, but the ancient Romans and Aztecs believed the stone had powerful properties.

It helps with healing wounds, regulation of the organ's function, and strengthening the back.


Parrot Green Onyx

It's the symbol of rest when this impurity has the power to relieve you of all worries, tension, stress, and fears.

It is believed to provide a positive feeling, strong mental support, and hopes to take wise decisions during your difficulties.


Shiva Lingam

A sacred stone of the Indian Hindu religion that will intensify the end level of panic energy within your body.

To improve your overall health the stones are powerful as they simulate the energy system of the entire body, and will need an overall improvement in your health and



Tiger Eye

Promotes energy flow through the body when worn.

Lends confidence, strengthens convictions.

Protects against all forms of danger.

Increase of psychic awareness.

Stimulates wealth.



Wealth stone, improves financial situations.

Promotes a happy disposition.

Encourages one to look towards the sunrise.

Brings comfort and optimism.

Prevents nightmares.

Helps circulation and digestion.